Playing Solo

Ked’s computer is experiencing some problems right now so I’ve been without my favorite hunting partner this week. I’ve tried to work on dailies in Dol Amroth without him but it’s just not as fun doing it alone.

So I have been leveling a new Champion alt. The Champion is unlike the usual classes I play. I tend to either play healers or long range dps classes. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Rune-Keeper. The Champion and the Rune-Keeper are complete opposites of each other. My RK is so fragile, I spend a lot of time avoiding adds. The Champion excels in defeating multiple enemies at a time. My Champion hit level 27 yesterday and he has yet to be defeated. It feels like I am invincible. It’s been a nice change from playing a class that has to be strategic about staying alive. hehe


Cleansing Flame

My Rune-keeper has always been lightning specced. I’ve always enjoyed being able to move around and kite while instantly casting my abilities. I’ve been having some difficulty though since I started questing and hunting in Western Rohan. 0 survive ability. I could barely kill one light blue mob, and if I got an add I was dead. I thought maybe I needed to upgrade my armor and weapons but I still had problems after upgrading.

I did some research and found others were also having difficulty with the Solitary Thunder trait tree and suggested switching to Cleansing Flame. I gave it a try. WOW! I love it! My Rune-Keeper is fun again. I may not be able to move around anymore but no one can touch me. They are dead before they reach me!


Hobbit at Heart


I’m easing myself back into Lotro slowly. Kedwyr has jumped right in and has begun to level his hunter to 100. I’m just not up to questing or figuring out how to play my class all over again. (I HATE logging in after a new update or expansion and having to redo all my class traits and legendary weapon stuff) I’m more in the mood to experience Middle Earth again. I love the music and the beautifully designed world. I love playing around with outfits and crafting. I basically want to hang out in the Shire all day.

So I’ve started a new Hobbit Lass.  As mentioned before Devonna is on Kedwyr’s account and because of this I don’t get to play her regularly. Devonna is my only Hobbit character which boggles me because I feel like I am a Hobbit at heart. I decided to remedy this and yesterday I created Devenny. (I thought the name was adorable) She is a hunter and I am having a blast running through all the old Shire quests.

Perhaps this will sound odd to some of you…or perhaps you will know exactly what I am talking about… My characters let me know who they are as I play them. So far I have discovered that Devenny’s favorite color is Purple and it’s the only color she will wear. She also has a favorite circlet that she wears with everything, Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers.


Missing: Where has Devonna Gone?

Hello everyone *waves*

I am alive and well. I know you have seen very little of me recently and are probably wondering where I’ve gone to.

My life outside of Middle Earth has kept me very busy. I’ve just started a new job *happy dance* and it has just been hard to juggle all the tasks that I need to get done in a day (house cleaning, making dinner, carpooling kids around, ect…) and still have time to visit Middle Earth. I am sure that soon I will adjust to my new schedule and find ways to get it all done.

Until then Kedwyr is still around and making outfits constantly. (He is just not very good at the actually blogging side of it and needs to wait for me to put his outfits up on the blog.) I am still around also just not as often as I was before so please feel free to email me or write a little note on the blog for me anytime you like. I still read all your lovely comments and really appreciate them. You have not seen the last of my outfit ideas either 🙂

*hugs and kisses*


Kedryck Tylmarande

Having a character with a great Roleplay story has always been important to me. Without a background the character is just a tool to accomplish the numbers game in LOTRO.

Creating the storyline for RP is an interesting venture. At first I had gravitated toward the tale of the Grey Company. I then learned a good lesson in RP, your background should be UNIQUE if you expect to get any feedback to RP banter with. Though being a member of the Grey Company is fascinating, most everyone else finds it appealing as well. Originally there were roughly 31 Grey Company rangers in Tolkien Lore, but because of the fascination for rangers and the Grey Company, you will find over 200 Grey Company rangers in Bree alone and each one claiming to be an actual member of the Grey Company. My desire to be a member of the Grey Company quickly fizzled.

So where do I go from there? I love the stealthy feel of being a ranger/hunter, and I love the semi-secret society of the Grey Company, yet I could find no other similar group that was less known to make it more unique. Then one day I happened upon an idea. When I was making a new outfit for the blog I decided to create a ranger outfit based around a mostly white look. I came up with an outfit that gained a lot of attention. I was quickly told that it resembled another character from a different game, Ezio/Altaire from the Assassin’s Creed genre. Old as I am and out of touch with the popular games of today, I had to google it and find out what everyone was talking about.

And behold I see this character looking VERY similar to my new ranger outfit, though with a few details different, such as boots and a cloak. I grew fond of this new outfit and decided to keep it (My wife Devonna is currently putting it on the blog as I type here). So now I had to find a new storyline for Ked. Taking some of the aspects of this assassin’s creed character (some because the whole concept of three beings creating humanity and something called an animus were a bit strange, well, VERY strange) I enjoyed the environments he lived in and the fighting style he chose. So How do I combine the two worlds enough to make it feasible in LOTRO while keeping it from breaking Lore?

Researching for many days I came at last upon the realms of Near Harad, Far Harad, and Khand. Using many different resources Tolkien and movie based I learned the following….

Far Harad was based loosely off an african culture with jungles and large riding elephants and a tribal people, hence where we get the Mumakil riders in RoTK. Near Harad and the realm of Khand was based loosely off an Arabic and Assyrian culture with dark-skinned people as well as Black skinned people as large and fierce as trolls. Both Near Harad and Khand were desert environments and very little is known about them as well as very few maps of the region. This allowed for some leeway in story creation without lore breaking ideas. With that being said I give you the tale of Kedryck and a few of his companions.

               Of Kedryck Tylmarande and The Company of the Rose

Kedryck Tylmarande was born and raised in Breeland up to the age of Fourteen. His father was a reknown smithy of weapons and armour while his mother took care of the shop and ran the book-keeping. On a trip to the Lone Lands to sell a shipment of weapons to the small band of defenders at Ost Guruth, Kedryck and his father were attacked. Kedryck was knocked unconscious and a burlap sack was shoved over his head. His fathers condition was unknown at last sighting.

Upon waking up Kedryck realised that he was in captivity, being bound with cord on his hands and feet and the burlap sack still over his head kept him from seeing anything. However, from hushed conversation, whispered voices and other surrounding sounds, Kedryck is able to determine the following details as he traveled in captivity:
– He and many other youths from different towns and villages all through Eriador have been kidnapped to be sold into slavery as weaponsmiths for the enemy to increase his power for the coming war.
– They traveled by boat down what seemed to be a large river until they reached the ocean.
– They traveled many days south and possibly east encountering a few ocean storms until they came to a port that his captors referred to as Ramlond.
– The people here spoke a strange language and though Kedryck could not see it, he felt the heat of the sun being fiercely intense.
– They traveled by horseback now following another river inland for many days. – They chose to travel by night for two reasons, the heat of the day was unbearable without plenty of water and they seemed to be passing by many villages and thus managed to avoid confrontation at night.
– They reached a village named Talazhan where he was untied and the sack removed from his head revealing a desert environment and dark-skinned people. Here, Kedryck and many other youths were sold into slavery to work the forges for the enemy.

For six years the captive youths worked hundreds of forges in and around the village of Talazhan making weapons and armour. Then, one night, a group of hooded and masked men dressed in blazing white and crimson flowing garments rescued the young men and brought them out of Talazhan.

Upon their freedom, the young men were offered a new life among their rescuers.
They called themselves The Company of the Rose, a group of stealthy assassins whose goal in life was to bring balance between good and evil to the land of Near Harad and Khand. At first the notion sounded noble and for ten years Kedryck and some of the other breelanders were trained in the arts of the assassins. Then slowly realization crept into Kedrycks mind and he began to understand that even though the notion was initially good, the Company would occasionally sacrifice many innocent lives to further their cause.

On one such occasion, they had decided to slow the production of the enemy’s ability to produce weapons and armour by killing all of the captive weaponsmiths. Kedryck and a few breelanders protested remarking that they were innocent people forced into slave labor working the enemy’s forges against their will. The Company responded by stating that if they freed them all they would then have to feed them and clothe them until they were able to safely return them to their individual homes and in that process they could be susceptible to exposing the Company to the enemy. They decided the best course of action was to eliminate the slave weaponsmiths. Kedryck still protested by announcing his desire to leave the Company if they wished to go through with their plan. He was told in so many words that leaving the Company was punishable by death. “Nobody leaves the Company except in a box”. he was told.

By the cover of night, Kedryck, his love Nykyria and his friend Aerridan stole horses and rode hard and fast hoping to reach the southern border of Gondor before daybreak. They would have succeeded, but as the last stretch of land came into view and he could see the southern cities of Gondor only a few leagues away, Kedryck turned in his saddle and stopped as the sun crept over the eastern horizon. Looking back toward the desert, Kedryck knew in his heart that he and the other breelanders were the only ones who displayed the courage enough to defy the Company of the Rose while the other freed slaves fearfully followed their wicked masters without question. He knew that with him gone, the others would be punished and executed. The brigands and corsairs who kidnapped him in the beginning would then find more slaves and the Company would again rescue them, force them to hunt as assassins, and aid the Company in their twisted vision of world balance. The common people of Near Harad and Khand would be helpless fodder for the war between the enemy and the Company, pawns in their game of greater powers. Who would defend them? Who would free them? Does anyone even hear the voices that cry out in the desert?

Against the desire of his heart, spurned on to a greater good, Kedryck, Nykyria and Aerridan returned to the land of their captivity. But they did not return as slaves…….they returned as saviors to the people of the desert kingdoms. They fought the Company of the Rose with the very skills they trained in. They spent the next eight years taking down their Masters and halting any plan they had in fooling those they rescued into a false sense of a righteous cause. But Kedryck and his companions did not stop there. They continued to fight any and all enemies of the common people. The Orcs, the Haradrim, the Variags and many others. They became heroes of the desert, ghosts and shadows, and a nightmare to the enemy of the people.

By the end of eight years the people of the land had built a defense for themselves and the enemy could no longer pull resources from them. Although evil forces were formed and they were strong, they were no longer able to replenish their number from the local populace. Kedryck and his companions decided they had accomplished as much as they could and knew it was time to finally head home to Breeland. They gathered a few friends who helped them in their cause and together they traveled north, leaving the desert behind them. Yet, even as they headed home, Kedryck knew they would never be free. For the Company of the Rose would not cease pursuit until Kedryck and his companions were dead or the Company in its entirety was destroyed down to the last member. And that is a fate yet to come.




Lotro 5th Anniversary Disappointing

*rant on* I missed the 4 year cosmetics by 1 week. *bitter* None of the rewards interest me in the slightest. Most of the cosmetic rewards you can earn are just plain stupid! I’m mean seriously…WTF am I going to use a cake hat for? I get to wrap myself in a gift box?! Just lame. You might be able to tell by my tone that I am slightly annoyed by this years Lotro Anniversary celebrations. I hated last years Anniversary and this year is even worse. *rant off*

Saruman Down!

After many weeks of trying our Kin, Crimson Phalanx of Landroval, finally defeated Saruman last night! I can’t tell you how amazing this felt. Each week our kin would make it a little bit farther, improving just a bit each attempt. Our hard work has paid off and the old man is dead. (Well ok, not officially dead. An eagle comes and rescues us atop of Orthanc at the end of the fight. But definitely defeated!)

What makes this such an accomplishment is the way the fight is set up. There are 5 phases to this fight. (5 very long phases) This is a very long fight and each phase is a challenge in itself. If you fail, you have to start all the way over at the beginning again.

  • phase 1 = 5 Saruman’s (Shadow, Acid, Fire, Lightning, Frost) Not too hard.
  • phase 2 = 5 Saruman’s again. Acid Saruman will place a dot bubble around someone. Healers must full heal that person to remove it. Lightning Saruman has a polarity effect which creates distributed lightning damage from his body. Everyone must group up on top of each other. This effect is constant throughout the rest of the phases.
  • phase 3 = 5 Saruman’s. Frost Saruman places debuffs (poison, fear, disease and wound) on random players. Everyone MUST carry Pots with them to cure their debuffs immediately or in 8 secs it will create and AoE effect that hurts the group. Lightning Saruman has a polarity effect which creates distributed lightning damage from his body. Shadow Clouds, Poison Clouds, Green Puddles that the raid has to move out of and then quickly form up on top of each other again to avoid the polarity effect. Also, after the first 2 phases the raid went out of combat. It gave everyone a small window to eat food and regain some power/rez people out of combat. After phase 3 this no longer happens. Your in combat for the remainder of the fight.
  • phase 4 = 5 Sarumans. Lightning Saruman has a polarity effect which creates distributed lightning damage from his body. More Shadow Clouds, Poison Clouds, Green Puddles that the group has to move out of.
  • phase 5 = 10 Saruman’s, 2 of each type. (Shadow, Acid, Fire, Lightning, Frost) Lightning Sarumans no longer does polarity but casts eyes on people he sees and after 3 secs they get booted (sometimes off the tower) Shadow Clouds, Poison Clouds, Green Puddles, oh my! You have to Kill the Shadow Saruman’s asap because they heal. This phase is crazy intense for awhile. I think I gave myself carpal tunnel from how fast I was clicking heals on everyone.

A very long and intense fight! It feels amazing to have worked so hard for weeks and to succeed at it. To make things even better we had a cloak clasp drop!

I now am a proud owner of an entire Orthanc raid armour set. *happy dance*  The stats on the robe is meh but it’s so pretty! I love it! 🙂